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Film vydán
14. ledna 2012

Konala se premiéra, film byl zpřístupněn veřejnosti. Rovněž jsme přidal další obsah do sekce Něco navíc.

8. ledna 2012

Premiéra filmu bude na Tolkienconu v sobotu 14. ledna od devíti hodin večer, cca od 23:15 budeme promítat "bonusové materiály" - fotky z natáčení, nepovedené záběry, povídat o tom, jak jsme film vytvářeli...

Trailer vydán
5. prosince 2011

Zdržely nás technické obtíže při nahrávání zvuku, ale nakonec se podařilo s menším zpožděním dokončit trailer a oficiálně spustit tento web.

Niënor Níniel - anglický překlad

Long ago bound hands were dragged this sad, long way,
Broken reeds from a fair grove.
Soft, white feet stumbling on sharp, rough ground all day,
Thinking only of love.

Ancient, the oak saw the light of two stars doused,
Spilling the blood of a dove.
Near its strong, deepest roots her life shall lie housed;
Still thinking only of love.

Soon came a lady, as serene as brave;
Soft winds brushed her hair in play.
Clad in her flowing tears, through leaves and caves,
Through the woods she ran away.

Fear ruled this lady as pale as the beech at morn,
Through the woods running in fright;
Swift the sap flowing from wounds on her white boughs torn,
Bark ripped by storm's rage and spite.

Ref: Túrin Turambar,
Niënor Níniel,
Glaurung slain,
Dying alone.
Túrin Turambar,
Niënor Níniel,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

Red is the grass on Teiglin's sides growing
Wild wind has tangled my hair.
Oh, cruel fate, hounding us, we all-unknowing;
Now I die for love most fair.

Twice I have loved you, and twice I shall lose you,
Twice I will set my love free.
Both souls within me shall now bid you adieu,
The dark curse I'll take with me.


My head spins like maelstroms, Celebros' waters roar;
In my soul lives now no cheer.
Why, love, has his dread curse us crushed and torn?
Our fate was shaped by our fear.

Steadfast you lived like a western star shining,
Mighty as great elven king.
Weakly, I stand here, my doomed life resigning,
Into the river I'll spring.


Healing that black wound, and ending this dark curse,
Leaping, despair will be gone.
You now are dead, and will see nothing worse,
Morgoth's revenge now has won.


A Túrin Turambar,
Turun ambartanen,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

A Túrin Turambar,
Turun ambartanen,
Dagnir Glaurunga.

Český text: Kristina Nohavicová
Překlad: Susan Frances Edwards, Petr Klášterecký, Silvia Phillips, Tereza Skrbková